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The Muslim community divides into two broad segments. Roughly speaking, one segment is college educated with scientific bent of mind, and the second segment is religiously oriented madrassa graduated with theological bent of mind. These segments exist among those who lead as well as those in the support role. TThere is a strong need to take this diversity into account, and do so most respectfully. fIt is necessary for the community to come together, start interacting, develop common understanding, adopt unified positions, and agree to a dynamically proactive action plan.

The mosques incorporate all parts of the community. The imams in the mosques largely represent the population with religiously oriented madrassa type background. Because the imams deliver the sermons, they are in a position to influence the community in accordance with their own background, education, training, and capabilities.

The imams are numerically small in number though their influence on the community is very significant. They already constitute sort of a "think tank" to influence the community.

It is therefore important to establish a dialogue between the imams and the rest of the community. The mechanism invented for this purpose is this News Journal that we have been writing and delivering to the mosques in USA.

The News Journal invites the imams, and the community in general, to a more encompassing community platform. This platform addresses all needs of the community: religion, humanity, jobs, schools, roads, courts, immigration, economy, business, and politics. It addresses all such aspects nationwide. It invites the imams to think of the needs of the community in today's context to encompass all such dimensions. The mosques need to become more relevant to all segments of the society. The mosques are a biggest asset of the community and can be used in the service of the community in all facets of life in the modern times.

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About 3000 mosques in USA are an asset. The imams and the congregations in these mosque are central to the mission. They are a very rich treasure trove to architect and sculpture the future of the Muslim Community in USA. This News Journal is started to involve everyone

  1. to actualize and enhance the potential of the Muslim community in USA for it to strengthen itself and prosper;
  2. to share prosperity with everyone and promote equitability between the poor and the rich; and
  3. to outreach about the Muslim contributions to the world.

Through such steps the American Muslim Community shall receive human respect, citizen’s dignity, equal justice, and proper image depiction.

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Join us to make USA a better place.

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